Work Experience

These are some of the recent projects I’ve worked on while working as a consultant. Over the past 30+ years I have worked on dozens of other projects not listed here.

Trainer and Independent Consultant
Independent Advisory Consultant assisting and coaching companies around the world in the move towards Microservices and modular, distributed architectures. Also heavily involved in both public and private software architecture and Microservices training. 

Microservices Architect

Lead Architect on an architectural refactoring effort moving from a large monolithic benefits application to a service-based / microservices architecture.

Lead Integration and Conversion Architect
Lead Architect on an architectural refactoring effort to convert a large monolithic application to a microservices architecture. Also worked on a large-scale Java-based state benefits eligibility project to implement the latest federal affordable heath care reform changes, and lead a a large-scale COBOL to Java conversion effort for the state benefits eligibility and case management system

Microservices Architect
Worked with a large security firm to help them migrate from a monolithic layered architecture to a distributed microservices architecture.

Microservices Architect
Worked with a large insurance company to help them get started with microservices and service-based architecture.

Enterprise Architect / Agile Coach   
Worked with the enterprise architecture team to develop a new architecture for their trading compliance and regulatory reporting systems. Also helped develop a new trading system compliance engine, and worked as an agile coach to analyze the current agile software processes and implement improvements to help the company meet their target release dates and improve overall time-to-market. 

Enterprise Architect
Worked directly with the CIO of a large financial services compnay to develop an enterprise architecture strategy and roadmap to transform the IT and infrastructure departments to become more agile to support the demands of the existing and prospective customer base and emerging market. 

Lead Enterprise and SOA Architect
Worked directly with the CIO of Enterprise Architecture of a large insurance company to develop a large-scale enterprise reference architecture solution based on TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework). Also worked directly with the CIO of Personal Markets to develop a large-scale SOA-based Enterprise Architecture (SOEA) to replace their existing heterogeneous home-grown systems.

SOA Architect
Worked with upper-level management of a large Manhattan investment firm to develop a transition roadmap and systems architecture for a large-scale SOA modernization/legacy transformation effort to create a consolidated global custody and trade settlement system.

SOA Architect
Worked directly with the Director of Infrastructure of a large Manhattan investment firm to help define a high availability SOA middleware infrastructure as part of an effort to replace a global financial analysis system.

Enterprise Architect
Worked with the Senior Vice President of IT of a large investment bank to define an enterprise architecture strategy and architecture to transform the global front and back office trading systems to allow better control over the data and information flow throughout the organization.

Enterprise Architect
Worked with the Senior Vice President of IT of a large Manhattan investment firm on a detailed technology assessment and strategy plan of the firm's institutional back-office trading systems, including allocation systems, settlement systems, and accounting systems.

Integration Architect
Worked with the CTO of a l;arge retailer to help them design and establish a new integration architecture to provide better and more seamless integration throughout the business and to also better communicate with internal and external vendors.

Integration and SOA Architect
Worked with the CIO and CTO of a large retailer to help them design and develop a large-scale open source SOA infrastructure to manage all of their integrated warehouse, order, and inventory management functions.

Positions Held

  • President, Boston Java Users Group (1997-1998)
  • President, New England Java Users Group (1999-2003)

Certifications and Achievements

  • IBM Hundred Percent Club (2006)
  • The Open Group Master IT Architect Certification
  • IBM Certified IT Architect
  • Sun Certified J2EE Business Component Developer
  • Sun Certified J2EE Enterprise Architect (Part I)
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • BEA WebLogic Certified Developer
  • Greenbriar & Russel Certified Java Instructor


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