Software Architecture Fundamentals Workshop

The job “Software Architect” is rated as the number one job by CNN. Yet no clear path exists for moving from developer to architect. Why? Because software architecture is massive multidisciplinary subject with no clear definition or job description, making it difficult to chart a course for undertaking all of the learning required to become an effective software architect.

This 3-day hands-on training course taught by Mark Richards and offered through NFJS is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and roadmap necessary to become an effective and successful software architect. Being a software architect is much more than just drawing boxes and lines. It's about thinking like an architect, being a leader, and understanding the architectural elements, patterns, and styles necessary to create effective software architectures. Through interactive course materials and architecture exercises, this course will teach you both the technical aspects of software architecture as well as the soft skills of architecture 

You can find more details about the training course, as well as the course outline, locations, and schedules by going to the NFJS training website at or by clicking on any one of the course links below.  

Boston, MA Nov 13-15, 2017

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